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To contribute to the Milkweed Flower Photo Project on iNaturalist, upload a photo of either the common (Asclepias syriaca) or the showy (A. speciosa) milkweed. We will use your photo and the GPS coordinates in the meta data of your photo to track how flower shape and color change across the US. Photos uploaded to iNaturalist will also be distributed on the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) where other scientists around the world can use them to make important discoveries.

Common milkweed

  • Found in the eastern United States

  • Has shorter petals than the showy milkweed

  • Flowers are clustered together in larger groups


Showy milkweed

  • Found in the western United States

  • Has longer petals than the common milkweed

  • Flowers are clustered in small groups.

Go out and find common or showy milkweed

Step 2

Take a picture of the milkweed flowers with your phone

Step 3

Download the iNaturalist app on your phone 

Step 1

Find the Milkweed Flower Photo Project on iNaturalist and upload your photos!

Step 4

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